My strategic Chicken Soup Reserve

September 21, 2012

I went to bed on Sunday and I knew something wasn't quite right. I had that tingle in my sinuses that can go either way. Sometimes you wake up the next morning like nothing happened, other times as the night goes on you realize things are getting worse and you wake up with a fever, headache and the chills.

You never know when it will strike but when it does you can usually look back at the last few days and remember drinking too much one night, or staying out in the sun too long one day and wrecking your immune system.

Many times I've woken up like this and had to force myself to the store because I wasn't prepared. Fortunately this time was different.

Here is a list of things I like to keep on hand at all times so whenever I do get sick minimal effort is required to recover.

Cans/Frozen Chicken Soup
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

I can't think of much in life I hate more than getting out of bed, showering, and going to the store with a high fever, chills, and a pounding headache. Making sure you have all this stuff on hand at any given time will make sure you spend all your time recovering.

During the day I set my phone countdown timer to 1 hour, and drink a glass of water every hour. I also like to take around 3000mg of C when I'm sick. Sleep as much of the day as you can and eat lots of chicken soup. I don't know the science behind it but chicken soup is a miracle food when you're sick.

Make sure you drink Nyquil before bed. If you don't sleep well you wont recover be able to fight off sickness as well. With this regimen I got rid of the flu in about 24 hours. As a control group the rest of my family is still feeling sick days later.

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