Ear Candle Experiment

June 04, 2012

If you've never heard of an ear candle, it's a long cone of wax that is inserted into your ear and set on fire. As the top burns it's supposed to suck out ear wax and any other bad stuff you have in your ear canal. You can often find the service offered in spas. After the procedure is done they'll cut the candle in half lengthwise and show you all the stuff that came out of your ear. This is usually followed my remarks on how disgusting it is.

I decided to determine if they really worked so I took two ear candles, one I stuck in my ear and let burn down. The second I did not stick in my ear and let burn down. When I opened up the candle that was in my ear I found all the stuff that is said to be coming out of my ear, but when I opened the candle that had not been in my ear I found the same thing.

I have to conclude that the stuff found in the candle is just burnt wax falling down into the cone. The procedure can run $35.00 per ear more or less so I'd recommend skipping it next time you're at the spa.

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