Weekly Meal Planning

December 02, 2011

Before I moved up to Seattle, my condo in Miami was just a few blocks away from the grocery store. I got in the habit of going everyday as it was a nice walk and the weather was almost always favorable. Now I live about 10 minutes away from the grocery store by car and I'm buying food for three (Soon to be four) instead of one.

A 10 minute trip to and from the store everyday is 2 hours 20 minutes of travel time a week. Factoring in 20-60 minutes actually shopping and I'm spending 4 hours 40 minutes to 9 hours 20 minutes a week on grocery shopping. That's a whole work day. Back when I was walking I was considering the travel time as exercise and didn't feel it was time wasted. Now it's not exercise but just stress and gas money.

So in order to make things more efficient I created a web site to make food shopping easier to keep track of. I can add every meal for the week, display calories for each meal and totals for each day, and get a list of all the ingredients I'll need to make every meal for the whole week.

After I create the chart of meals I print it out and keep it on my refrigerator so I know what to prepare that day or what to thaw out for the next day or two. I also added a user system on it so anyone else who wants to use it can. It has some default meals entered so you can see how it works before creating an account or if you happen to eat exactly what I eat you can just use the default.

Now by just taking about 5 minutes to organize my meals for the week I'm saving at least 5 hours of wasted time during the week. Hopefully some of you will find it useful too. http://www.weeklyfoodplanner.com/

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