Do something I've never done everyday for 7 days.

January 29, 2012

I made a goal of doing at least one thing I've never done before everyday for one week.

It was decent, not the best thing I have ever eaten, but didn't taste like anything I ever had.

Day 2: Worked out on a new machine at the gym. A simple goal, but I got sore in a spot I've never been sore before.

Day 3: Went to Absolute Air Park. This is something I had heard about and always thought about doing but never got around to it. It's basically a warehouse filled wall to wall with trampolines. I took my daughter and we had a blast. Surprisingly I got pretty sore from this as well.

Day 4: Went to a spa and got a massage. I have gotten massages before but never in a spa setting. Being able to go into the sauna and steam room really made me feel more relaxed after it was all done. Something I wont be doing often because of the price but I am definitely glad I did it.

Day 5: Went to a new library I've never been to before. It was pretty close to me but I just had never checked it out before. Is that a pun? Maybe. It had a few different magazines that the library I normally go to doesn't have. I'll likely go to this one about half the time in the future as a few of the new magazine are ones I'm interested in.

Day 6: Ate something I had never eaten before, lotus root. Apparently it's popular in Asia but not here. Made a cucumber salad and put them in. They weren't bad. I think next I am going to try frying them.

Day 7: Went to a public swimming pool with my daughter. I've been meaning to do this for a while and this was a great excuse to do it.

This was a fun project and took more energy and time than I initially expected. It gave me an excuse to do a lot of things I had never gotten around to, but I think more importantly it made me realize I'm not living my life to it's fullest potential. I could be packing a lot more into each day and will try to make a point of doing that from now on. I need stop thinking "I'll do that someday" and think "let's do that right now one."

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