Using your phone wiring as a speaker system.

July 22, 2011

I, as well as many others I believe, don't use the land telephone line for anything. With mobiles, Skype, and VOIP there isn't much reason to pay the price the telephone company charges.

A good use of all this perfectly good copper wire is to use it as a prewired speaker system. You can pipe your computer output to any room in the house with the telephone jack.

You can pick up some self amplified computer speakers at Good Will for a few bucks. You can often fine some old phone cables and headphone jack cables there as well. If you are lucky you could probably get everything for less than $15.00.

Splice the headphone jack into the the telephone cable. The phone line usually has the ability to connect two telephone lines in each jack. Green and red wires for line one and black and yellow for line two. You can use these as your left and right speaker wire channels. You'll likely want solder and electric tape the wires. Next step is to connect the speakers to a telephone cable the same way.

You will also need to go outside and find the box the telephone line goes into. There should be a simple telephone jack that connects your house with the outside line. Disconnect this. Back inside you connect the jack to your computer and another jack to your speakers. I have only hooked up one set of speakers at a time but since the speakers are self amplified you should be able to set a pair up in every room if you like.

The end.

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