Did you know Windows 10 has voice to text built-in?

May 27, 2023

All you have to do is hold down the windows key and H at the same time and you'll get a little bar that pops up on the top of your screen that starts voice to text mode.

Sometimes it stops listening to you automatically , and I tried hitting the start key and H again but then it ended up crashing it, if it stops listening all you need to do is click on the microphone symbol with your mouse. Then if you hit the start key and H again it'll remove the listening function.

Unfortunately it ends up crashing quite a bit, one way to fix it pretty easily is to hit control alt delete, sort the list of processes alphabetically, and then end task on "Microsoft text input application".

You can also go to start run, or also just hold down the windows key and hit R, and then run: 

taskkill /IM TextInputHost.exe

The good thing about this is the second time you do it, you can just hold down the windows key and R and then hit enter because it keeps the history of everything you typed, and if it's not the last thing you typed, you can just hit the down arrow until you find it.  You might need to run the command twice in order to get it to shut down the process. In my opinion it's still a lot faster than hitting control alt delete and finding it in the menu and closing it that way. Hopefully they fix all the bugs in the speech to text application because if it ran perfectly that would be very nice however I think it's still worth using for now because the amount of time you can save with speech to text.



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