Fix yourself

January 05, 2023

Sometimes I hear people talk about getting headaches, or random problems.  There are a few things that made me realize almost nothing is random.  FIrst of all physics, cause and effect, etc.  It's unlikely that you are getting headaches randomly, there must be something causing them.  I spend most of my life in front of a computer, both for work and leisure.  I  ended up having headaches all the time, and after going to a physical therapist, learned some exercises I can do every few days to loosen up tendons and muscles in my neck and now I don't have headaches on a regular basis. 

I also used to have chronic lower back pain, specifically on the left side, right above my hip bone.  One day I had a revelation that maybe my wallet could be causing this.  I always kept it in my right back pocket.  The lower back pain disappears in a day or two.  

About a year ago I was having terrible anxiety problems, and I realized it got really bad specifically after I was using tik tok for like 2 hours a day.

One helpful tool in discovering causes is keeping a journal everyday so if I have an inkling something might be causing something else, you can go back and look at all the times you've had some issue and see what else you did that day or the days before.  

So remember, if you have something that ails you, try keeping a journal about that issue, or just sit down and think.  Just the knowledge that our bodies don't just act up for random reasons can lead you down a path to discovering what the remedy is.  I've found the cure is usually removing something from your life.   

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